Three ways of helping

York Neighbours supports people over the age of 65 living within the City of York in the following ways:

1) Help with practical one-off jobs.


As people get older, or perhaps due to temporary illness or injury, some jobs around the home become almost impossible; for example, changing a lightbulb, collecting a prescription, or shopping.  Depending on the nature of the task, we can help with these on a one-off basis.

If your request can be met by another service we will let you know.  York Neighbours’ aim is to bridge gaps in existing services and not duplicate those already available.

2) Regular phone calls

Sometimes the chance to chat with someone who cares can make the world of difference for those feeling lonely.

Some people may only want this during times of illness, severe weather, or when family, friends, or neighbours are going away.  Others might need it on a more regular basis.  Thanks to our team of brilliant volunteers, what the situation is, we can offer this.

3) Individual and group outings

From afternoon teas, to Christmas concerts, to bowling, and more, we organise outings to give people living in isolation the chance to get out, socialise with, and participate in their community.

These outings are made possible by our volunteers who kindly offer their cars to help with safe transport to and from each event.

Cost of services

There is no charge for one-off practical jobs (apart from any materials purchased which will be discussed in advance). Volunteers carry a duplicate receipt book and if you need to give them cash to buy something they will ask you to sign a receipt recording how much you have given them so both of you will have a record of the amount.

A donation of £4 will be requested when going out in a volunteer's car.

Volunteers are able to claim their expenses from the organisation.

Volunteers should not be offered, and are not allowed to accept, any cash payment or payment in kind. If you would like to make a donation to the work of York Neighbours please see our donations page.